Nottinghamshire Police. Corporate Communications. 26 April 2016.

Press release: Domestic abuse and violence campaign.

Domestic abuse is your business

This week Nottinghamshire Police has begun supporting businesses and sports clubs in helping reduce domestic abuse and violence.

In January 2016 the force became a White Ribbon accredited organisation. This means the force is recognised for effectively carrying out its policing duties in domestic abuse cases and also has the correct workplace policies ready to recognise domestic abuse and support any staff that may be affected.

By inviting other businesses to review their own situation it is hoped that the effects of domestic abuse on employees will be reduced and that staff will be more confident and better supported at a difficult time in their lives.

  • More than 20% of women take time off work because of domestic violence, and 2% lose their jobs as a direct result each year.
  • 75% of women that experience domestic abuse are targeted at work.
  • There are around 125 domestic violence incidents every week in Nottinghamshire, the majority of which are committed by men, on women.
  • The effects of domestic abuse cost businesses almost £2 billion a year in the UK.

The campaign invites companies and clubs to adopt the White Ribbon pledge;

“I pledge never to commit, condone, or remain silent about men’s violence against women in all its forms”.

Nottinghamshire Police offers free guidance and information on how to recognise and support domestic abuse and violence survivors in the workplace to any company that signs up and provides links to other supporting organisations.

Head of Public Protection, Superintendent Helen Chamberlain said:

“We very much hope businesses and clubs will adopt the pledge and benefit by knowing how to support their staff, if and when needed. The positive effects in the community will also be substantial”.

The campaign is supported through the East Midlands Chamber and Sport Nottinghamshire who have distributed the invitations to their members and Equation Nottingham and White Ribbon UK who have supplied supporting materials.

For any further information about this campaign contact:

Corporate Communications Department
Nottinghamshire Police HQ
0115 967 2184 or 0115 967 2080

If you would like to pledge your support, or find out further information, please visit

White Ribbon Campaign

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