The conclusion that friends of a woman killed by her partner might have helped prevent her death if they had been aware of “Clare’s Law” has triggered an awareness-raising campaign in Ashfield and Mansfield.

Domestic Homicide Reviews to look at personal and organisational connections with the victim are carried out to learn lessons about ways in which local professionals and organisations can work better individually and in partnership to safeguard victims. They are not to reinvestigate the death or apportion blame.

One of the conclusions drawn following the Review of a case this year was that there were people connected to the victim who had suspicions something was wrong, and had they known about the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, often called Clare’s Law, they might have made a difference.

Clare’s Law was introduced in 2014 following a campaign by the father of Clare Wood who was murdered by George Appleton. Clare had met Appleton on an internet dating site and was unaware of his violent history of abuse and harassment of women including abducting a former girlfriend at knifepoint. Nottinghamshire Police was one of four forces to take part in a scheme to pilot Clare’s Law.

As a result of the DHR panel discussion, a campaign to let more people know that if they suspect a person is an abuser, they can ask the police if that person has a history of violent offences, will be launched on Friday. (November 25)

Under the DVDS scheme, if police checks show that the individual has a record of violent offences, or there is other information to indicate a person in a relationship is at risk, the police will consider sharing this information with the person(s) best placed to protect the potential victim.

That person may not be the one who asked, but the potential victim will be able to make an informed choice on whether to continue the relationship. Help and support to assist them when making that informed choice is also provided. The alleged abuser will not find out that DVDS has been used or who has asked.

The campaign will see social media messages with links to leaflets and further information about the law and support services sent out and shared by organisations, community groups and individuals throughout Ashfield and Mansfield and in other areas of Nottinghamshire over a 16-day action period.

Information about DVDS is available on the Nottinghamshire Police website at


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