Who do they work with?

The Supported Housing scheme holds 8 properties varying in size across North Nottinghamshire.

The Supported Housing worker will provide ongoing emotional support and practical and tenancy support to ensure that you feel capable in maintaining your tenancy. We have two properties which are women who have dual needs so for example have lifestyles which include use of drugs and alcohol.

What does the service provide?

The Supported Housing worker provides long term emotional and tenancy support, you will be offered emotional and practical support with the main aim is to reduce risk and increase safety for yourself and everyone in your household.

The Supported Housing workers will liaise with other agencies on your behalf for etc drug and alcohol issues, housing agencies to ensure that you have access to all types of support at the same time.

Types of interventions that are available to Supported Housing workers are for example;

  • Continual tenancy support including organising your finances, repairs to your property etc/
  • To create an ongoing safety and support plan with you in regards to your experiences, fears and concerns
  • Supported Housing workers will also support women if they want to move area / out of the house after the tenancy and will support a woman on her next step of her experiences.

What can I expect if I am referred to the Supported Housing scheme?

You can expect from the workers;

  • A phone call from a specialist trained Supported Housing worker, introducing themselves and offering you an assessment in regards to whether the supported housing scheme is right for you.
  • If you agree with your worker that you want to be placed within the scheme you will first of all go on a waiting list.
  • The worker will continue to link in with you to ensure that you want to be on the waiting list.
  • When there is a house free the worker will contact you and will discuss the next step, which are signing up to a contract with ourselves and looking at the house.
  • You will be supported by a Supported Housing worker throughout your tenancy and will be offered a once a week support session.
  • Confidential support over the phone or face to face where you are listened to and believed, where your feelings and experiences are discussed so the worker can provide bespoke information and provide interventions for your current and future risks.
  • A collaborative professional process between you and the worker to create a safety and support plan to meet your needs and wishes as well as other people in your household.
  • A greater understanding of your experience and the various interventions that can be activated in the future.