25th April 22 – 1st May 22

Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid this week will be supporting our community by raising awareness, providing information and recognising how our services support survivors of stalking. Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid are proud to provide commissioned services for stalking that occurs;

within the domestic abuse definition

outside of the domestic abuse definition i.e. stranger, work colleague etc

We will be doing this through posts on our facebook and Instagram. We have also constructed a professional newsletter which you can find here. This is to support professionals to use pathways into our services.

We strive to provide services which are right for every single survivor we work for and with. We are constantly developing and learning.

We believe that this awareness week is really important to shine more light on the experience of stalking in the knowledge it can mean survivors are supported quicker and by experienced services. We work every day to support survivors and so our work and support will continue long after this week finishes.

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