MARAC stands for Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference

The four aims of Marac are to;

‘safeguard victims of domestic abuse

manage perpetrators’ behaviour

safeguard professionals

and make links with all other safeguarding processes’


A MARAC is a meeting where information is shared on the highest risk domestic abuse cases between representatives of local police, health, child protection, housing practitioners, Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs), probation and other specialists from the statutory and voluntary sectors. 

After sharing all relevant information they have about a victim, the representatives discuss options for increasing the safety of the victim (these includes children and associated adults) and turn these into a co-ordinated action plan. 

At the heart of a MARAC is the working assumption that no single agency or individual can see the complete picture of the life of a victim, but all may have insights that are crucial to their safety. 

The victim does not attend the meeting but is represented by an IDVA who speaks on their behalf’.

Referral process

Professionals who believe that a ‘victim’ should be referred to MARAC can complete a DASH (Domestic Abuse Stalking Harassment) risk assessment and make the referral themselves. You can find the Nottingham/shire DASH below.

When you are completing the DASH please make sure that there is no-one else in the environment i.e. person upstairs as this may increase risk to survivor(s)

MARACs in Nottinghamshire

There are 3 MARACS that run in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire (city MARAC, North Nottinghamshire MARAC and South Nottinghamshire MARAC)

Instructions on how to refer to these MARACs are included in the Nottingham/shire DASH.

Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid IDVA’s attend the North Nottinghamshire MARAC which tend to happen every two weeks.

If you would like to know more about the MARAC process, we have put a Safelives MARAC FAQs document below

Download the DASH Risk Assessment and MARAC Referral form

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