MARAC – Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference – Domestic Abuse

What is a MARAC?

A MARAC is a group of agencies that includes Police, Probation, Health, Women’s Aid, IDVA’s, Victim Support, Housing, Social Services and Education. The top 10% of high risk domestic violence incidents as reported to the Police are referred to MARAC. Additionally, agencies who believe that a victim should be referred to MARAC can complete a risk assessment and make the referral themselves.

In the Bassetlaw, Mansfield and Newark & Sherwood area the MARAC meet every two weeks. They combine up to date risk information, with a current assessment of the victim’s needs and link these to appropriate services for all involved in a high risk domestic abuse incident. They look at putting measures in place to manage and reduce the risk of serious harm of domestic abuse/repeat incidents. The MARAC process is focused on the safety of the victim and any dependants.

The aim of a MARAC

  • To share information to increase safety, health and wellbeing of victims and their children
  • To clarify if the perpetrator poses a significant risk to an individual or to the general community
  • To jointly make and implement a risk management plan that provides professional support and reduces the risk of harm to victim’s and their children
  • To reduce repeat victimisation
  • To improve agency accountability

The role of the MARAC is to facilitate, monitor and evaluate effective information sharing to enable appropriate actions to be taken to increase public safety. The responsibility to take appropriate actions rests with the individual agencies; it is not transferred to the MARAC.

Download the DV DASH Risk Assessment and MARAC Referral form