TIP Business Card
This is a service for children and young people aged 5-18 who have witnessed domestic violence or abuse in the home where a weapon has been used.
 A weapon may include a traditional weapon (e.g. knife or gun) or something like a household item that is used for physical violence.
TIP refers to the ‘Tip of an Iceberg’ as we know there may be some things showing on the surface, but much more to uncover beneath.
We offer 1-1 support to enable children and young people to explore issues surrounding domestic abuse in a safe environment. This can be through talking, creative activities, worksheets. The child / young person would inform us what is the right method for them.
We help children and young people to;
understand their emotions
build confidence
explore how to stay safe
understand more about healthy /unhealthy relationships.
For more information on the service and how to refer,
please email cors@nottswa.org
Ring Farr Centre 01909 533610
Thankyou to Nottingham city and Nottinghamshire Violence Reduction Board and Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner.