Domestic Abuse Support Workers

Domestic Abuse Support Workers

Who do they work with?

Domestic Abuse Support Workers (DASW) work with women who have and or experiencing domestic abuse and violence.

Domestic Abuse Support Workers work with women sixteen years old and above.

You can self-refer into the DASW service if you want support, agencies can also refer into the service.

Once your referral has been received, you will be contacted by a Domestic Abuse Support worker to discuss and assess your needs. To do this the DASH risk assessment tool is used. This assessment helps identify a bespoke package of support for yourself. After this your referral with be placed on a waiting list until a key worker is allocated. While on the waiting list if you need anything domestic abuse related you are invited to ring in and ask to speak to the DASW duty worker.

What does the service provide?

The DASW services provide all women with ongoing emotional and practical support around their domestic abuse needs. Initially, we offer 6 weeks of support and this support is reviewed every 6 weeks. There is no set time limit on support as it is around survivor need.

Types of interventions that are available to the DASW are for example:

  • Discussing with you about the risks that you feel are present and completing a DASH risk assessment with you
  • Continued assessment of risks posed by current domestic abuse
  • A confidential and non-judgemental response to your needs where you will be listened to and believed
  • Creating a safety plan and support plan with you in order to support both yourself and your children
  • Unpacking your experiences and providing information about domestic abuse and violence
  • Learning about perpetrator techniques and behaviours
  • Equipping you with accurate information to inform your choices for you and your children
  • Referrals and signposting to other services, including mental health support, drug and alcohol, counselling, solicitors and other NWAL service
  • The DASW service also has a duty system so survivors and professionals can make contact and address their presenting need. To instigate a duty referral all you have to do is ring or e mail the Farr Centre and the duty worker will aim to ring you back within 48 working hours.

What can I expect if I am referred into DASW service?

You can expect from the DASW service:

  • A phone call from a specialist trained Domestic Abuse Support Worker to talk to you about what your experience is and what support you want soon after the referral has come into the service.
  • Confidential support where you are listened to and believed, where your feelings and experiences are discussed so the support worker can provide bespoke information and organise to ensure that all measures that you request are actioned before going to court.
  • Ongoing conversations where the DASW worker explains the court process and the multiple options that are available to you.
  • If you come to a drop in you will see a specialist worker who will listen to you and empower you to see choices and opportunities which will increase your safety and reduce the risk in a safe and confidential space.
  • If you come to a freedom programme you can expect a safe and proactive group setting which will enable you an ongoing opportunity to understand more about domestic abuse and violence whether you have experienced domestic abuse in the past or currently.
  • A greater understanding of domestic abuse and the various interventions that can be activated in the future
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