Independent Domestic Violence Advocate

Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA)

Who do they work with?

IDVAs work with women who have been DASH (Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment and Honour based violence) risk assessed and been viewed as being high risk survivors.

IDVAs can get referrals from the police and so you may be contacted by and IDVA if you had police attend your property. IDVAs also get referrals from other agencies and services for example social care and health.

You will be contacted by an IDVA if you are informed by a professional that your case is going to Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC).

What does the service provide?

The IDVA service provides short term (approximately six weeks) intervention support work, you will be offered emotional and practical support with the main aim of being to reduce risk and increase safety for yourself and everyone in your household.
We also have YPVAs (Young People Violence Advocates) who work with high risk young women who are trained in working with young people about their experiences of domestic abuse.

Types of interventions that are available to IDVAs are for example:-

  • Emotional support on the phone or face to face sessions.
  • Information about civil and criminal remedies to safeguard adult and children.
  • Information and advocacy for you at the MARAC.
  • To advocate on your behalf with other key agencies for example police, health and social services.
  • Referral to other services, including mental health support, drug and alcohol, counselling and other NWAL services.

What can I expect if I am referred into IDVA service?

You can expect from the IDVA service:-

  • A phone call from a specialist trained IDVA within 48 hours of the referring coming into the service.
  • Confidential support where you are listened to and believed, where your feelings and experiences are discussed so the IDVA can provide bespoke information and provide interventions for your current and future risks.
  • A collaborative professional process between you and the IDVA to create a safety and support plan to meet your needs and wishes as well as other people in your household.
  • A clear understanding of what the IDVA has put in place and what referrals have been made on your / your children’s behalf.
  • A greater understanding of your experience and the various interventions that can be activated in the future.

Court Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA) service

Who do we work with?

Court IDVAs support female survivors aged 16 plus who have experienced or who are experiencing domestic abuse and who are identified as injured parties in criminal justice proceedings.  We support survivors who reside in the districts of Bassetlaw, Mansfield and Ashfield.  We also support survivors who reside outside of Nottinghamshire where the incident took place in one of our aforementioned districts and where the court proceedings are in Nottinghamshire. 

You will be contacted by a Court IDVA if the case is heard in the Specialist Domestic Abuse Court.

The role of the Court IDVA: 

  • We listen
  • We provide emotional support and reassurance
  • We discuss thoughts and emotions you may have about the court process
  • We help you understand the criminal justice process
  • We can support you to access special measures at Court if you are required to give evidence
  • We can support you around Victim Personal Statements, Restraining Orders and Compensation
  • We keep you up-d ated throughout the criminal justice proceedings 
  • We attend the Specialist Domestic Abuse Court
  • Se can support with Pre-Trial Visits
  • We can support you at Trial
  • We can create safety and support plans with you
  • We can provide practical support i.e. housing, benefits, access to refuge, sanctuary scheme
  • We can refer and signpost you to other agencies for further support/assistance.

Additional support:

Court IDVAs also offer support to female survivors aged 16 plus (living in the districts of Bassetlaw, Mansfield and Newark & Sherwood) who are beneficiaries of Domestic Violence Protection Notices/Orders.  You will be contacted by a Court IDVA if an Application for a DVPO is made to Nottinghamshire Magistrates Court who will support you through the process.

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