Medium Risk Intervention

Medium Risk Intervention Service

The Medium Risk Intervention Workers receive referrals from the police when there has been a police incident, that has been assessed as medium risk and consent has been obtained to refer into service.

The service provides up to four weeks support that can include work around staying safe, referring and signposting, advise around legal and civil remedies and emotional support to name a few.

This service only accepts police referrals.

The Sanctuary Scheme

The Sanctuary Scheme is run by the Local Authority and is around reducing homelessness and making homes safer as an alternative to fleeing domestic abuse. Once a referral has been successful and safety interventions installed, there is a named worker that survivors can contact to provide ongoing support and advice around the scheme for up to 6 months.

Domestic Abuse Disclosure Scheme

The scheme is also known as Clares law. An application can be made to the police for information with regards current partners history of perpetrating domestic abuse.

Right to Ask: Support around the information received from the police when a request has been made.

Right to Know: Support around information the police may share with you if the thresh hold has been met for a disclosure to be given.

The DVDS Support Service provides support around all elements of both schemes. The service provides bespoke support packages around each disclosure given, support packages are survivor led. This could include preparation to receive a disclosure, discussing whether accepting the disclosure is right for you, monitoring risk, emotional support, signposting and referring, looking at safety within the relationship or how to leave the relationship safely.

The referral pathway is through the police

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